Estate Sale Roundup! April 28-May3

Estate Sale Roundup

I’ve spent a lot of time driving 45 minutes to a bum estate sales where I leave smelling like cat pee. You would not believe the amount of houses that smell like cat pee. I have three cats, but I don’t think our house smells like cat pee. Maybe it does and everyone is too nice to say anything.

ANYWAY. This weekly series is here to rescue you from cat pee! and old moth balls. I’ll go through the listed estate sales on and let you know which ones look worth it.

First up, this sale for J&S looks pretty good. It has a lot of oriental stuff and some great mid century pieces that are catching my eye.

estate sale1

I would buy these, then paint white or a bold color. Teal or pink anyone? I just got a new paint sprayer so i’m on the lookout for larger case goods like this to rehab.

estate sale 2

I love these little tapestry/art things. I don’t feel very confident in my buying art for resale skills, so I always make sure I buy art that I wouldn’t mind keeping. These would look great on a gallery wall to balance out other photographs and add some texture. Now they could be asking too much money for these, so think hard before scooping up.

estate sale 3I want this lamp hard guys. There are a few things that I see that I regret when I don’t pull the trigger. This will be one of them. I have no need for this, I have no clue what I would do with out, but my life might end without it. I love lamp.

estate sale 4See all those cute ginger jars? I will be buying them. Sometimes they look tacky when you see a picture like this, but take my word for it. You put one of those little guys on a bookshelf, or on a coffee table tray, instant style. You’re welcome. I just made your house look stylish.

Final Verdict: I will probably go to this one the second or third day when discounts start. I have a funny feeling things will be priced high as they listed a lot of stuff as “antiques” so wait a day and then scoop up those deals.

Alright, this next sale has a few interesting prospects.

estate sale5That china cabinet has such intricate woodwork on the bottom, its dying to be painted white. Now i’m too lazy to figure out a way to move that thing and paint the inside, so I would probably stare at it for ten minutes, and then walk away, only to walk back and stare a few more times, and ultimately, not buy.

estate sale 6Now this cart is interesting. I never shy away from a cart, I wish all my furniture was on wheels. I can’t tell from the picture of that is a vintage cart, or new cart pretending to be vintage. Same goes for that mirror. I hate things pretending to be vintage, but if it’s actual vintage winner winner chicken dinner.

estate sale 7Oh my gosh, these people must love carts as much as I do! This one looks like it might be a weird height, but who are we kidding? I’m gonna buy it and let it be friends with all my other carts.

Final Verdict: Ehhhh, i’m not seeing enough vintage to make it worth.

This next sale is a Mad Men’s super fan dream home! Is it weird i’m starting to get a serious crush on Pete Campbell? I’m digging the whole balding thing. Don’t worry I do feel shame for this.

estate sale8

Ughhhhhh I want that bed so I can pretend to be hungover Betty Draper! Seriously though, this headboard looks pretty big, and it’s really hard to find vintage headboards in a queen or king size. So snatch this up if you are in the market.

estate sale 9This couch recovered would be a dream couch. Just make sure to give it a good sit and test out the padding/foam. That stuff is expensive.

estate sale 10I see you there lamp. Looking all cool, chilling in the corner.

Final Verdict: YES! mid century furniture i love you so much.

That’s all she wrote folks. Kinda slim pickings this week. Go forth and search my friends! I wish upon you happy hunting and houses that don’t smell like cat pee!

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