Want It Wednesday: Country Edition!

McKinney Home

For this edition of Want It Wednesday, we are going country ya’ll! This house was featured on the Ebby Blog, and I just had to share it. Now probably most people wouldn’t consider McKinney “country” but I do. If I have to go beyond 635, then its the country. I hope you city folk will agree 🙂

Now here are some details on this house in case you have a big pile of money laying around:

  • Priced at $750,000
  • On 10 acres of land
  • 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3,759 square feet
  • Barn/workshop, 3 car garage, covered porch, and fenced in backyard

McKinney Home

Oh man, I think I want to move to McKinney guys! I never thought I would say that. I have this small part of my heart that loves country homes. I will thank HGTV for that.

The homes entry shows off the high ceilings, beautiful hardwoods

Perfect entry way that just shouts “hey you are about to enter the most precious home you have ever seen you will want to throw up it is so perfect!!!!!!!!!!”


So in my mind, a cool young family live here. I’m sure you have seen them around. That perfectly dressed mom and dad who look so effortless even though they probably haven’t slept in like a year. And their kid has on a freaking bowtie and looks better dressed than me. I hate them, but can’t help but respect.

The dining room/breakfast area is located ideally between the li

I wish I was cool enough to have a lime green island….I would never be able to pull it off. Every time I would have someone over I would just be trying to prove how cool I was to justify a lime green island.

The spacious, first-floor master suite has its own fireplace and

WHAT I NEED THIS. This bedroom is totally ridiculous in size, but yet somehow, I need it.

The master bathroom features dual vanities, a large glass shower

Now this house is just messing with me right? Is this the kind of bathrooms you get in McKinney? My bathroom is literally the size of a broom closet, just enough room to squeeze in and out.

8GetMediaSlow clap for the colors in this house. They just really nailed that laid back without trying too hard but yet still fun vibe.

The home also features its own laundry room with a sink and abun

 This laundry room puts mine to shame. My washer and dryer has crusted detergent running down it, this one is so perfectly perfect I am about to run into traffic so I can go to laundry room heaven.

Barn with loafing shed.

So this is described as a “barn with loafing shelf” WHAT IS A LOAFING SHELF?!?!?! Is that where you house your loaves of breads? I would bake so much bread if I lived here.

Privacy abounds with this property. Behind the home are numerou

Ok so this is where the house lost me and why I don’t move to the “country.” My three greatest fears in life are 1. aliens 2. possums 3. rats in that order. This yard is just asking for an alien ship to come and land in the front. And there are probably possums and rats abound. NO THANKS

And that concludes this week of Want It Wednesday! Did this house convince me to give up on the city life and become a country girl? Almost. I would love to sit and bake bread all day but I have a feeling that there are a lot more chores than just baking bread when you are living in the country (McKinney).

Estate Sale Round Up 5/9-5/10

Estate Sale Roundup

It’s another estate sale round up! This one comes a little late, but there is still time people!!!! It will be super rainy in Dallas this weekend, so nothing better to do then shop til you drop.

Our first sale comes from J&S. I think I included one from them last week too. I did end up going to the one last week, and everything was WAY overpriced. They have some good stuff this week so might be worth checking out.

estate sale 1

This stuff looks so ugly as is. Makes me want to puke. BUT if you paint it, beautiful! That is the magic of paint. They have some nightstands in this same style as well.

estate sale 2

Now THIS is pretty good. If you have the right room, no recover necessary. Make sure you give this one a good sit. You don’t want to spend money on a chair with old gross stuffing. The stuff gets hard over time. Also if this is listed over $65, walk away. These sales get a little crazy with their prices on wing backs.

estate sale 3

I want this. I love gold. I love trunks. It’s a win all around.

Final Verdict: I might check this out on the last day, see whats left and snatch it up for cheap

Okay this next sale might be a total bust, the pickings are slim this week, so i’m stretching it a little bit.

estate sale 4

This estate sale caught my eye because of this picture. Any house that has a lot of dishes probably has some good smalls. If you are looking for small accessories to fill your home, look for pictures like this.

estate sale 5

If you recovered these chairs in a more modern fabric, you got yourself a cute set friend! Wicker and bamboo is so IN right now. Everything in my house would be bamboo if it didn’t make me look like a crazy person.

NEXT! This sale is good guys. Real good. REAL REAL GOOD.

estate sale 6

I spy with my little eye a campaign desk and bamboo china cabinet. Drop whatever you are doing and drive here. Buy these now!

estate sale 7

Most people don’t have room for a sectional this big. But go ahead and buy it anyway. MAKE IT FIT. Again, give it a good sit, if it’s comfy then give them all your money.

estate sale 8

I have a weakness for ceramic animals. Its totally impractical but I can’t stop. I was meh on this sale before, but seeing this little guy made me jump up and grab my purse. Also that little chair is freaking adorable! Anyone can recover that little chair and stick in a corner to make your house look fabulous!

Overall there are some good pickings out there. The weather sucks anyways. Go forth and buy buy buy!