3 Stupid Easy Christmas Decor DIY’s

I just wanted to share a quick post in which I brag about my three stupid easy and cheap Christmas decor DIY’s. You can easily spend butt loads of money making your house ooze Christmas cheer, but I don’t have butt loads of money. I have the opposite this year owed to the whole buying a house three months ago so I looked for a few cheap ways to help my house get into the Christmas spirit.

My first DIY costs less than $10. I made my own wreath forms with  wire, then simply wrapped some tree scraps around the form using green floral wire. I got my tree scraps at Home Depot for free. Just ask the people in the tree tent nicely for some tree trimmings, they are usually just lying around on the ground. I tied some ribbon on mine and put them in my windows.



While we are on the subject of tree trimmings, one of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays are to just throw them in some vases. It gives instant Christmas cheer, and makes your house smell great. And not to mention, it’s free!


My second DIY is this adorable felt garland. While I didn’t use Christmas color’s, it still feels very festive. For this craft, just cut strips of felt and tie on a string. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.



And last but not least, the easiest DIY of the bunch. I just shoved tree trimmings and other greenery I found in my yard in some glass ornaments and called it a day!


I hope I inspired the lazy Christmas decorator in all of you!

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