My Haunted Side Table and Favorite Vintage Stores

Filling your house with vintage furniture is never the easy way to go, it is much easier to pop into Ikea and get a new chair. While buying something new is easier and cheaper, going vintage just adds so much character to your house. It might take months or even years to find the perfect piece, but it is SO worth it.

Last weekend my mom and I took a trip to Dallas Market Center for a vintage show. I really wasn’t expecting to find anything for myself as I thought the prices would be high, but right away I found an amazing deal on a bar cart and then  when we were about to head out my eye caught a pretty unique side table. I asked the dealer how much he wanted and he said “first I have to tell you the story.” He told me the side table was made by a death row inmate and was his last woodworking project before he died. I decided before he even told me the price of course I had to buy it just for the story! (It was only $75 so it was still a very good deal). When we got the table home it had a piece of paper in a drawer that said “made by Uncle Mitchell, Glades Prison, about 1959.” I haven’t been able to locate Uncle Mitchell, but I’ll keep trying!

Sure the drawers don’t close all the way and it’s a little wonky, but isn’t that wood detailing so unique?!

That is what I love about going vintage. Not everything is going to have that great of a story, but vintage will always add more character to your home. You can feel the difference in a chair from Nebraska Furniture Mart and one found under a pile of junk. Sometimes you can smell the difference too, but nothing a good cleaning can’t take care of!

Here are some pictures of my recent vintage purchases (including another shot of the haunted dresser).




So now don’t you want to throw away all your new bland furniture and get some awesome vintage stuff?!?! Here are some of my favorite vintage shops around Dallas to find vintage treasures:

  1. Scout Design Studio  has a HUGE warehouse stocked full of all kinds of vintage goodies. I bought my coffee table and leather lounge chair from them! They can also refinish anything you find in their warehouse.
  2. Lula B’s  is so great if you are looking for anything mid century and weird. There are so many great dealers, I always find something cool when I go.
  3. White Elephant Antique’s Warehouse is right next door to Lula B’s so go head and pop your head in while you are there!
  4. Thrift Stores/Estate sales. Estate sales are my go to. That is where I find the bulk of my vintage, but it requires patience and a lot of driving!

HAPPY [VINTAGE] HUNTING! BTW Most of the stuff in the pictures above is for sale, lucky you! Just leave a comment on the post if you are interested in anything and i’ll get back to you.







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