Kitchen Update: Black and White Cabinets

When we bought our house, the kitchen was a HUGE selling point. To catch up on our home buying story read up here. It was large, had lots of light, plenty of cabinet space, the list goes on. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the prettiest, but it wasn’t incredibly ugly either. It looked like a grandma kitchen with the all white cabinets, blue counter tops, stone back splash, and stained glass.  There is a pretty big kitchen renovation in our future, like take down some walls renovation. See that microwave below? Yeah, I want to take out that whole wall. This girl wants to watch her Scandal AND cook at the same time.


See, not terrible, but ain’t nothing special about that kitchen except for the ridiculous amount of cabinets. Many of our cabinets literally have one thing in them. Like that one above the microwave, it has the teapot in it. Just a teapot.


Everyone asks me how I like the stained glass. I still don’t know how to feel about it. I like stained glass in general, but these colors/pattern are not my favorite.The glass is bringing in some serious Granny vibes. I basically feel meh about it, so one day it will be taken out, but today is not that day.



I wanted to tackle painting the cabinets first because that seemed the least scary compared to counter tops and back splash. My original design plan for the house was to go in a modern farmhouse direction.  I saw this kitchen and freaking fell in love. 

Better Homes and Garden

I had the paint chips picked out and was ready to get my mint on when Corey declared he hated it. Corey’s favorite thing is to tell me he hates something that I love and destroy my soul. He thought I would get tired of the color after a few months. I started to see his point, and after we got our stuff moved in I realized my personal style is more modern, less farmhouse.

After looking through my dream kitchen boards, I found a common thread. I seemed to love two toned cabinets, and I really loved the look of black and white.

Blair Harris Interiors
Blair Harris Interiors
My Domaine
My Domaine

I do a TON of cooking so I wanted to enjoy being in the kitchen and I wanted it to feel peaceful while i’m slaving away at the hot stove. I liked that the black and white design was crisp, clean, modern and yet old world as well. Black and white are classic colors that will never go out of style.

I picked up a gallon of regular ole black paint and got to work! My cabinet fronts are those cheap fake wood, so I didn’t worry about sanding. If you have nice wood cabinets, I would HIGHLY recommend spending the time to sand and prime. Since I know a kitchen reno is down the line, I wasn’t too careful with painting. I don’t really have any directions or a how-to for you, because I just took brush to paint and that was it! The whole thing took about two days time and half a gallon of paint.


IMG_5707IMG_5687 IMG_5725 IMG_5717 IMG_5694 IMG_5731


So pretty and and peaceful! The black totally clash’s with the blue laminate counter tops, but that will be remedied this week.  You will also notice a pretty obvious paint line. No I am not making a weird design choice…I was painting the walls white, and then halfway through was like “Woah! There is just too much white in here.” I was planning on doing a grey/brown color on the wall, but now after looking at these pictures, i’m really digging the white.

Also on the kitchen agenda is a new backslpash. I’m thinking white subway tiles with a dark grout, but i’m also feeling like I should go a little spicy. I also have a special plan for some new hardware and I need to do something cooler with those glass cabinets than just throwing random junk in there.

But that’s it! Stay tuned for a counter top update in the next week or so!

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