Don’t Settle For Bad Lighting: My Art Deco Entryway Chandelier


Let me show you why sometimes hoarding is a good thing. You may have noticed in my entryway makeover post, which you can catch up on here, that I did a little lighting update. The flippers made some “interesting” choices in lighting, by “interesting” I mean they went to Home Depot and bought the cheapest lights available. This meant there was a cowboy light in my entryway.

The horror that is the cowboy light
The horror that is the cowboy light

 Now i’m not completely against bringing in some more western influences into my home decor. In fact, I have a cowhide rug that is one of my most favorite things, butI really wasn’t feeling my cowboy light. Luckily, past me thought ahead. 



About two years ago at an estate sale I saw the most beautiful Art Deco light. I usually don’t get turnt up for vintage lighting, but I was turnt up, and turnt up wasn’t even a thing two years ago. Corey also loved it, which means we had to buy it. I can’t remember the exact price, but I remember it wasn’t super expensive. It wasn’t a  complete Winona Ryder steal, so i’m guessing it was $150-200. At the time, we lived in an apartment so we stashed it in a box at my parent’s and went about our lives.


After two years I really had forgotten what it looked like. I just remembered it was fabulous, so I planned to put it in the entryway. When I dug it out of a box it was a lot bigger than I remembered, and a lot more Art Deco.  I was actually a little bummed when I unearthed it because I thought it was a little too extravagant and wouldn’t fit my decor. After putting it up, my doubts were calmed because it looks so awesome and I promise I will never doubt past me’s decisions ever again. It’s not a light for everyone, but I don’t care what you think, I love it. Actually I do care, please let give me some validation that it looks super awesome in the comments.



I have no idea the actual age or value, so if anyone reading is some magical vintage lighting expert help a girl out yo!



Do you want the look? Here are some of my favorite art deco inspired lights out there! Go forth into the world baby birds and please don’t settle for bad lighting.

Hollywood Larg Semi Flush Mount
Hollywood Large Semi Flush Mount
Hollywood Large Deco Pendant
Hollywood Large Deco Pendant
Liberty Art Deco Pendant
Liberty Art Deco Pendant
Chesapeake Chandelier
Chesapeake Chandelier

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